Contemporary “Gothic Taste” in Berlin

Australian artist Cameron Tauschke exhibits his collection of artworks at café Spinner and Weber

October 21st, 2019
Marta Faraoni, News from Berlin
20191021_Contemporary Gothic Taste.jpg

Cameron Tauschke, “Gothic Fingers”

‘Spinner und Weber’, an alternative café in Wedding, hosted the art exhibition, “Gothic Fingers” by the Australian artist Cameron Tauschke. It ran from the 19th of October until the 1st of November 2019, in collaboration with the Australian Embassy in Berlin.

On 19th October 2019, a new art exhibition consisting of a mixture of photos and paintings by the artist Cameron Tauschke opened at Berlin café and art centre “Spinner und Weber”.

“Spinner und Weber” is one of the few centres in Berlin where artists can exhibit their works free of charge, which is a rare find nowadays. Besides art displays, “Spinner und Weber” also offers a room to host a variety of free cultural events. Cameron Tauschke chose to collaborate with this café because he liked its independent vibe, and its unique cultural environment.

Tauschke’s series of futuristic works take the form of posters for an imaginary movie, and reflect his homeland of Melbourne, Australia. Despite Australia’s close proximity to Asia, the continent enjoys a variety of cultural influences from European, North American and Aboriginal Australian communities.

This multiethnic and multicultural fragmentation can be seen in Tauschke’s collages comprising a wide range of shapes and colours. This contemporary gothic style originally flourished in northern Europe as a style of architecture characterised by high ceilings and decorative windows. Just as this style aimed to connect worshippers with God, Tauschke’s ‘Gothic Fingers’ creates a cultural bridge between European architectural design and Indigneous Australian art with its use of intense and vibrant colours.

Cameron Tauschke studied art at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the Australian Art Education. During and after his studies, he travelled to Europe, Asia and America to exhibit his collections of photos and oil paintings. He has lived in many different cities in Germany, and has now been living in Berlin for 13 years. He decided to move to Berlin for its competitive artistic environment, and the inspiration it gives him. Like some of his previous exhibitions, ‘Gothic Fingers’ was exhibited in collaboration with the Australian Embassy in Berlin.


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