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“Condor” Documentary Was Shown in the ACUD-Kino

Film Screening Followed by a Conversation with the Director

April 13th, 2016

“Condor” is a Brazilian documentary from 2007. It was directed by Roberto Mader, and it will shown at the ACUD Cinema in Berlin. After the movie, there was also a conversation with the director, and Dr. Luiz Ramalho, moderated by Dr. Werner Würtele.

This documentary focus of the film is on the “Condor Operation” (or “Condor Plan”), created in 1975, by the secret police of Chile, the DINA  (Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional or, in English, National Intelligence Directorate). DINA was the Chilean police during Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990), and it was known “Pinochet's Gestapo.” It was responsible for several violations of the human rights, like murders, kidnappings and torture.

The “Condor Operation” was a secret coordination plan of mutual support between the dictatorship forces of the Southern Cone: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. The aim of this Plan (that also had CIA cooperation), was to prosecute and punish anyone with a different political or ideological way of thinking from the systems of the countries mentioned above. This meant that everyone who was suspected of having communist beliefs was going to be detained and questioned with torture methods, and in most cases, was going to end up dead or missing.

This was a very troubled time in the Latin America History, since there was this international organization practicing state terrorism, in an undercover way, with an instrumentalized way of killing thousands of opponents. The “Condor” documentary attemps to show this, with several testimonials and archival footage. The movie is 110 minutes long, in Portuguese, with English subtitles.

The event was a collaboration between the Lateinamerika-Forum Berlin e.V. and Cinema for Peace. For more information you can contact the email address, or call 030 4491067.



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