Concert with the Winners of the Younghi Pag-Phaan Prize

The cultural department of the Embassy of South Korea organizes a special concert in Berlin

December 17th, 2018
Rikard Berisha, News from Berlin
20181217_Concert with the Winners.jpg

The Korean Embassy organizes a special concert as a way for people to fully enjoy the music of the winners of the Younghi Pag-Phaan prize. It is alreadz a tradition of the Korean Embassy to organize musical events.

During the Younghi Pag-Phaan competition event in 2018 winners were selected between the competitors. The cultural department of the Korean Embassy now invites the prize winners to hold a concert in the Berliner Philharmonic.

The name of the prize comes from Professor Younghi Pag-Phaan, the Korean professor living in Germany who has been a pioneer in the field of traditional Korean music and its presentation internationally.

The aim of the concert is to promote the creativity of young artists and to make their work more well known. It is also meant as a way to promote cultural cooperation between Korean and non Korean musicians.

The concert will be led by Mr. Lee Jeong Pil and will take place in the Kammermusikal Berliner Philarmonie at Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 1,10785 Berlin. Members of the Busan Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra will also participate in the concert.


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