Commemoration Of The 80th Anniversary of The Rosenstrasse Protests

On March 6th a commemoration was held at the Marienkirche to celebrate the Women's History Month

March 06th, 2023
Chiara Macciò, News from Berlin
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Amb. Amy Gutmann during the commemoration of the Rosenstrasse protests, took the opportunity to recall not only the strength of the women of the past, but of all women who are still fighting for their rights and for a fairer world today, for example in Iran and Ukraine.

The Rosenstrasse protests were a series of demonstrations held in February and March 1943 in Berlin, Germany. The protests were sparked by the detention and threatened deportation of thousands of Jewish men who were married to non-Jewish German women.
The protests took place on Rosenstrasse, a street in central Berlin where the men were being held. The women, who were not Jewish, gathered there to demand the release of their husbands. Despite the risk of arrest and imprisonment, the women refused to disperse and continued their protest.
The protests lasted for several days and gained widespread attention. The Nazi authorities eventually gave in to the pressure and released the men. It is estimated that around 1,800 Jewish men were saved as a result of the Rosenstrasse protests.
The protests were significant because they showed that, even under the oppressive Nazi regime, people still had the power to resist and make a difference. The fact that the protests were led by women also challenged traditional gender roles and expectations.

During the event, Amb. Amy Guttman recalled how the strength of those women still echoes around the world today. 80 years later, there are still women who are leading revolutionary protests in defence of human rights and democracy, such as in Iran under the cry of 'Woman, Life, Freedom' or in Ukraine where women are at the forefront of the fight against Putin and Russian aggression.
Moreover, the strong position of the United States in the Russian conflict and its sympathy for the Ukrainian people, victims of brutal and indiscriminate aggression, was reaffirmed.
The U.S. and Germany established a Dialogue on Holocaust Issues in June 2021, which serves as a critical framework for learning from the past and holding those accountable for their actions. To ensure that "Never Again" occurs, it is imperative to continue supporting Germany's remembrance culture and taking action to combat antisemitism and other forms of hatred and oppression. We can honor the memory of Holocaust victims by standing up against unspeakable oppression and fighting for freedoms.

As active authors of history, we must recognize that democracy allows for everything humane to be possible, while without it, nothing truly humane can exist. The key to unlocking the potential of our populations lies in promoting equal rights for all, respecting religious and ethnic minorities, and allowing citizens to criticize their leaders without fear of retribution.

Drawing inspiration from the women of the Rosenstrasse, we must stand together and fight for a future of peace and justice not only in our own countries but around the world. Their legacy lives on, and we honor them by continuing to uphold the values of women, life, and freedom.


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