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Commemoration of Sierra Leone’s Independence in Berlin

April 25th, 2014

News from Berlin – The Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone will celebrate its 53rd Independence Anniversary in Berlin, on April  27th 2014. The celebration will take place the day before at 12pm, at the Chancery building in Herwarthstraße 4. The Embassy calls to all Sierra Leoneans in Germany, together with their families and friends, to join this historical and annual event.

Sierra Leone was the last West African country to become independent in 1961, after more than 150 years of British colonial rule. Nevertheless, after experiencing the grievous and lasting consequences of three military coups and emerging from a decade civil war in 2002, the country started to enjoy peace. And in the recent years, Sierra Leone has experienced a substantial economic growth.

Independence festivities have been taking place in Berlin for several years, where Christians and Muslims pray together for their country and colorful and cheerful activities such as masquerades are organized to celebrate such a memorable day. This year 2014, surrounded by the pleasant atmosphere of a Garden Grill party, all attendees will enjoy the occasion to share the experiences of their beloved country, Sierra Leone.

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