Comites Prize: “L’Italiano dell’anno”

Lucia Chiarla with the movie “Reise nach Jerusalem” and Giò di Sera with the project “Street UniverCity”, are the winners of the prize “L’Italiano dell’anno” 2018

March 01st, 2019
Federica Caliò, News from Berlin
20190301_Comites Prize.jpg

The prize “L’Italiano dell’anno” celebrates this year it’s XII edition. This event is organized by the Com.It.Es Berlino, the representative body of the Italians abroad. Every year it rewards two Italians who gave a significant contribution to the promotion of the Italian culture and Italian identity in Berlin.

This year the winners are Lucia Chiarla and Giò di Sera. With her first movie “Reise nach Jerusalem”, Lucia Chiarla received a lot of recognitions, like the prize for “the best movie” at Achtung Berlin festival and Filmkunsttage Sachsen Anhalt festival.  While, with his project “Street UniverCity” Giò di Sera promoted the multiculturalism present in Berlin. He was able to combine arts, culture and performances in a unique project.

These are two different ways to enhance the Italian contribution to the German art scene; they demonstrat how the Italian creativity can enrich the cultural tapestry of another country.

The award ceremony will be hosted by the Italian Embassy in Berlin at 19:00 on the 28th of March. The Ambassador, H. E. Luigi Mattiolo, the President of the Italian Cultural Institute, Luigi Reitani and the president of Com.It.Es Berlino, Simonetta Donà, will attend the event.


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