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Colorful ChocoWorld of Ritter Sport in Berlin

Selection of around 30 varieties of colorfully wrapped chocolate in the heart of Berlin

December 19th, 2014
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For all the chocolate lover visiting and residing in Berlin, there is a landmark full of flavor to visit! A colorful ChocoWorld of Ritter Sport. It is located near the famous Gendarmenmarkt Square. Colorful chairs in front of the door will welcome you in with the smell of delicious chocolate.

Ritter Sport is a delicious chocolate made in Germany, with a slogan “Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut.” – (“Square. Practical. Good.”) Alfred Ritter and his newly wedded wife, Clara, founded it in 1912 in a chocolate factory in Stuttgrt-Bad Cannstatt. Firstly, the chocolate was named “Alrika”, but when production needed a bigger space they have moved to Waldenbuch, where their chocolate factory is still located nowadays. The Ritter Sport as we know it today was launched in 1932 after Clara Ritter suggested creating a chocolate bar that would fit into every sport jacket’s pocket without breaking easily. Every 100 gram square-shaped bar is divided into 16 smaller squares, creating a four-by-four pattern. Each day they produce around 2,5 million chocolate bars, which means they could have build the Berlin’s TV Tower, which is 368 meters high, in only 17 minutes with 30,666 chocolate bars.

A Colorful ChocoWorld in Berlin offers a unique and varied assortment of items revolving around Ritter Sport chocolate. Inside there is a ChocoCreation station where you can make your chocolate, with your favorite ingredients inside and make your own individual dream chocolate bars come to life. Visitors can choose between milk and dark chocolate and finest ingredients, such as roasted almonds, sour cherry, cocoa nibs and for more adventurous chocolate lovers, gummy bears and colorful rice crisps.

Next up is a large shop filled with Ritter Sport creations, where you can choose from around 30 varieties of chocolate from plain milk chocolate, to chocolate with peppermint filling and dark chocolate filled with chocolate mousse. From 2008 chocolate lovers can also choose from their organic product line called “Ritter Sport Bio”. In ChocoShop you can also find many other Ritter Sport gift ideas for friends and family. From time to time a limited edition of flavors is released with seasonal themes, usually for winter and Christmas and spring and Easter.

The escalators will take you to the second floor to ChocoPath where visitors can learn how Ritter Sport chocolate is created, from raw ingredients to a delicious chocolate bar. You find yourself going through a forest in Nicaragua and then Ritter Sport Waldenbuch’s factory, where in the end you see a video about the long tradition of the Ritter Sport brand. Children can also engage in making their own chocolates at the ChocoWorkshop, while their parents can enjoy a delicious cup of Ritter Sport hot chocolate at ChocoLateria and a variety of snacks and desserts in the ChocoLounge. Experience chocolate in a new way, admission free.

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