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Coldplay Brings Berlin the Adventure of a Lifetime

British Band Coldplay brought humanity together with a magical show full of colour and light

June 30th, 2016

Yesterday, Coldplay stopped in Berlin to promote their latest album, A Head Full of Dreams. 80,000 fans filled the historic Olympiastadion and thousands queued from the early hours of the morning to ensure a good position in the front rows. The set list did not disappoint. The band performed both new and old material to the delight of the fans. Cultural diplomacy was evident through strong calls for peace and unity through music and visual arts. References were made to Charlie Chaplin and his ‘The Great Dictator’, the recent referendum in the UK, the terrorist attacks in Istanbul, and a tribute was offered to the recently deceased Cassius Clay, known as Mohammed Ali.

In a world full of conflict and division, the arts, music in particular, has become an essential tool for cohesion between different cultures, beliefs and ideologies. It is a resource that has become known as soft power, and music has become an essential element of this, proving that there is still a ray of light and hope for peace and unity in the world. Music is an innate universal language in the hearts of people. Coldplay turned last night’s concert at the Olympiastadion, a venue which is already packed full of historical significance, into a celebration of cultural diplomacy and a universal melting pot.

The night began with greetings offered from fans from all over the world who had attended Coldplay concerts. They invited Berliners to enjoy a magical evening. Although each person spoke their respective language, the message of love and harmony through music was clear. Following this, a short clip of Charlie Chaplin, drawn from his character in The Great Dictator, was shown, a reminder that we live in a world where there is place for everyone and where we are the main actors in creating a better world.

This message was followed by the first track of the night, A Head Full of Dreams, which immediately became an ode for a common dream - a world under the dictatorship of unity, harmony and love among people. The British band was aware of recent political developments, particularly Brexit, and did not want miss the opportunity to thank the fans for coming to watch four guys from the UK make some noise. He preceded to wrap the German flag around his waist.

This tribute to the public, and unity of the peoples of the world, was followed with a message from Muhammad Ali. He remarked on the need for more emphasis on soft power and for people to help each other in order to achieve unity and peace as ultimately we only live for a limited time and it is not worth wasting this time with conflict.

Later, Chris Martin covered his piano with a Turkish flag in tribute to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks. It was an emotional but necessary message and was further emphasized with Always in my Head, one of the band’s most heartfelt tracks. This nostalgic love song linked Brexit and the terrible attacks in Turkey. They will be always in our hearts.

The show continued until nearly 11pm. It became an explosion of colours, confetti, flags, fireworks and lights. One big party where everyone danced regardless of origin, sex, religion or beliefs. Music is a universal language and a tool for cultural diplomacy as stated by Chaplin himself in the introduction, music "has the power to create machines. The power to create happiness. And we the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful. And above all, to make this life a wonderful adventure”, an Adventure of a Lifetime.


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Esteban Blanchart Amores, Berlin Global