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Co-Working Space in Berlin

New spaces opening thanks to the start-up scene and creative industry

June 03rd, 2016

While many of us work in a company office, others are self-employed and must find their own space in Berlin to run their businesses or projects. Working from home is one possibility. However, after finding yourself wearing your pajama at 3 p.m. for yet another day, one might feel that a change of environment would help improve motivation. Thankfully, finding a spot in a co-working space in Berlin is easier than ever, with new spaces opening thanks to the start-up scene and creative industry.

A co-working space is often the next step for entrepreneurs or small startups once they outgrow their home offices. Flexible as well as affordable, it is possible to rent a desk in an office for a single day, a month or even longer. In Berlin more than 100 co-working spaces have emerged in recent years. This makes the German capital the European pioneer of a new work culture and such spaces form an important component in the startup ecosystem. Berlin has the third highest number of co-working spaces worldwide, second only to London in Europe (, Global Co-working Survey, 2013). Berlin has become one of the most attractive cities for fashion designers, entrepreneurs, coders, graphic designers and architects. There are so many options that it might seem overwhelming at times. Co-working spaces don’t just offer good facilities, but also a space for relaxing and perhaps a café in the sun, all of which help one feel at home. If you are looking for a place where you can work, not only on your own, but also socialise and synergise with like-minded people, then the co-working space offered in Berlin is definitely for you!

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