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Classical North Indian Raga Held at the Indian Embassy in Berlin

October 16th, 2014
News from Berlin - Indian musician Manoj Baruah will perform classical North Indian violin music along with the well known Indian percussionist Shri Suman Sarkar at the Indian embassy in Berlin on 21st October.

Manoj Baruah is renowned for his musical talent; he was awarded a National Scholarship by the government of India in 1997 and performs not only on All India Radio and Doordashan TV, but has also toured various countries. Some of these countries include India, Bangladesh, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Germany. Baruah will grace Berlin with his presence and melodic flair at the Indian embassy at 18.00 on 21st October.

Admission is free upon entrance, which requires a valid ID card or a passport; a wonderful way to encourage the congregation of people to understand and familiarize with another culture. Music is a vast part of the Indian culture, as can be seen in various examples; take the Bollywood films that explode into song and dance. This musical performance should therefore be embraced as an opportunity to appreciate and to understand the Indian culture right here in Berlin; a place where the community is an accumulation of individuals from all over the world, covering the extensive range of cultures present in the international community.

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