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Cinebrasil – Brazilian Film Festival in Berlin

The Festival Will Take Place at Babylon Cinema from 10th until 16th March 2016

March 23rd, 2016

Brazil is one of the emerging powers in the world today. As an "emerging country" it has, as well as India and China, formed a bourgeois middle class, which is reflected through film production in the country. Each year, the Brazilian Film Festival celebrates the Brazilian culture and brings to light the various topical issues that are of concern in Brazil. The festival was based at the Babylon cinema in Berlin's city centre, from 10th - 16th March 2016. This year, the festival was opened with a film about Tim Maia, a famous Brazilian musician and personality. The main goal of the festival is to promote the diversity of Brazilian Culture through the very rich contemporary and independent film industry in Brazil.

The festival is a kind of journey through the different regions and lifestyles of Brazil. Brazilian film production in recent years is increasingly being recognized everywhere for its quality and diversity. It showcases films of many genres, including documentaries and features films. Painting a broad canvas of the diverse Brazilian regions and ways of life, Cinebrasil encouraged the audience to embark on a cinematic journey to places as colorful and vibrant as Recife, Paraíba, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The festival explored current topics and narrative techniques and aimed to challenge stereotypes about Brazil by showing the nation's diversity and cultural richness instead. Cinebrasil focused on German-Brazilian films as well as on outstanding low-budget productions.

Within the framework of the festival, the following films were presented: Tim Maia, O Gorila (Der Gorilla), Julio Sumiu (Julio Verschwindet), Depois Da Chuva (Nach dem Regen), Muitos Homens Num So (Viele Männer in Einem), Kurzfilm: Land Schaffen, Mão Na Luva (Herz und Seele), A Farra do Circo (Das Zirkusfest), Yemanjá + Cativas Presas Pelo Coraçã and Caminho De Volta (Die Rückkehr).


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