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Chinese Prime Minister Visits Berlin

Strengthening Chinese-German Relations and Promoting the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of the Two Countries

August 17th, 2015
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Additionally, the Chinese Ambassador to Germany, Shi Mingde, highlighted that this is already Li Keqiang’s second visit to Germany since he took up office over a year ago, and the third summit meeting between the two countries this year, following Angela Merkel’s China visit in July.

These regular meetings between the two countries leaders were established in 2010. The subsequent discussions led to a development of the bilateral relationship, in which planning and management played an important role. According to Shi Mingde, this embodies the depth of Chinese-German relations: “We can thus talk of a ‘common conference of the cabinets from China and Germany’. This represents the high level, the breadth and depth of the Chinese-German relationship.”

In March of the same year, China and Germany had established their comprehensive, strategic partnership. The planned action is based on the renewal of this partnership, and is considered an important measure for the enrichment of strategic relations. Both countries have decided to make 2015 the “Year of the Renewal of the Partnership”. As part of this, next year China will be the official host country of the CeBit in Hannover.

In the meantime, China and Germany remain in the key phase of strengthened reforms and structural adaptations. The growing shared interests and opportunities between the two countries have led to an increased interest in tight cooperation. Shi Mingde emphasized how both countries value innovation. He also added that Germany is the first country to develop a comprehensive renewed cooperation. China can offer demand and markets for Germany, while Germany can thus provide superiority. This renewal is a new impulse for both the bilateral relations and the cooperation.


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