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Chinese Embassy Celebrates Anniversary of Army Foundation

On July 26th, the Embassy held a reception on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army

August 10th, 2016
Laura Serra, News from Berlin

Numerous high profile guests attended the celebration, including the Generaloberstabsarzt (Surgeon General) and ex-inspector of health services, Dr. Ingo Patschke, and Mr. Thomas Striethörster, president of the Berlin Police. Representatives of the political, economic, cultural and scientific fields also took part in the event along with military attachés and diplomats.

In his speech, General Zhou charted the 89-year history of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army from its foundation to today, and how its duties and responsibilities have become more and more international over time. Amongst UN Security Council members, China is indeed the biggest contributor of personnel for peacekeeping operations and holds the second greatest quota of financial contribution to UN peacekeeping operations. In this respect, China has pledged a contingent of 8,000 soldiers for UN peace missions, so as to have a more active role in the protection of vulnerable regions and in spreading peace throughout the world.

Concerning reform of the Chinese Army, General Zhou said that the possibility of strengthening defence measures is being considered, along with a greater involvement in international responsibilities. In this regard he underlined that China keeps following a strong defence policy while following the path of peaceful developments. Protecting the sovereignty and security of land, water, and air is the mission of the Chinese Army.

Guests congratulated themselves for the successful modernization of the Army and admired its commitment to spreading peace.


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