Chinese Cultural Center in Berlin to Promote Chinese-German Relations

Through the arts and exhibitions, the Chinese cultural center invites an inviting atmosphere with a visual artistic approach in a special upcoming event

January 23rd, 2019
Alexander Stefanovic, News from Berlin
20190123_Chinese Cultural Center in Berlin.jpg

The Chinese Cultural Center in Berlin is hosting exhibitions and artistic events for the promotion of culture and intercultural collaboration and understanding with Germany. A visual insight into culture and arts can be experienced in a s: “Happy Chinese New Year”

The Chinese Cultural Center in Berlin (CKB) fosters ongoing intercultural relationships with Germany and mutual understanding and collaboration, through special events and artistic forums which facilitates a visual perspective into the China as a whole. Participants of all ages are welcome to join and what is striking is the practical approach through activities such as workshops and training, all linked to the Chinese culture.

Arts and film are a heavy focus of the CKB and since the Chinese Cultural Institute was established in May 26, 2008 it has been a hub of exchange of all cultural aspects through informative sessions, film, arts and interactive training when desired. The interactive training is something to consider when attending, as this gives a hands on approach and can further understanding.

A special event that is just around the corner, which will take place on Thursday, January 24, 2019 “HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR” will host a collaborative event, through dance, art and traditional classics from the Chinese life. This is another great way to tighten the bonds of culture and increase awareness and understanding. What a great opportunity.


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