Chilean Music Concert with Latin American Ensemble Kuatriada, April 26th

The Embassy of the Republic of Chile in Germany and the City of Calau are presenting a concert with the Chilean group "Ensemble Kuatriada"

April 17th, 2024
Sofiia Bartnovska, News from Berlin
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Exploring the surroundings of Berlin can become even more exciting with a cultural agenda. Calau is located one hour away from Berlin and will host a concert of Chilean music.

Chilean music is a vibrant fusion of diverse cultural influences, reflecting the country's rich heritage and historical struggles. The folk music, rooted in indigenous Mapuche traditions and enriched by European and Afro-Chilean influences, remains a vital part of the country's musical fabric, blending traditional instruments like the charango and quena with contemporary sounds.

The Ensemble Kuatriada is an instrumental music group from Valdivia. It was founded in 2017 and its repertoire is based on arrangements and compositions of Chilean Latin American music by its director, music professor Alejandro Torres Farfán, as well as by national and international composers.

In the six years of its artistic life, the Kuatriada Ensemble has participated in various presentations and concerts at national and international level. In their music they explore pushing boundaries, while still honoring the rich musical legacy of its Latin American roots.

Location: Linderstr. 19, Calau, Germany
Time: 18:30 pm
Free admission


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