Chilean Embassy Hosts Viewing of Gabinete

A documentary series about contemporary Chilean artists in eight parts

June 24th, 2019
Hayden Wallace, News from Berlin
20190624_Chilean Embassy Hosts Viewing.jpg

On June 24, 2019 the Chilean Embassy in Berlin hosted a viewing of Gabinete, a web series documentary composed of eight individual chapters which seek to portray how eight contemporary chilean artists have constructed their own artistic identities. The documentary series displays the work of contemporary chilean artists through the decades beginning with the 1970’s; the likes of which includes some more well-known names in the art world: Juan Castillo, Raúl Zurita and Voluspa Jarpa (Jarpa, having most recently represented Chile in the 58th Biennale in Venice).

The documentary gives each of the eight artists a space to explain, explore and portray how their each individual artistic means has given shape to their current understandings of both themselves and world around them. These understandings are directly in relation to having grown up, left and/or returned to the country of Chile with all the cultural, political and historical ramifications that can be found therein. The documentary explores how the concept of identity is directly related to the themes of artistry in practice, creativity, and migration.

The showing of the documentary was followed by an open-discussion with the authors of the series as well as some of the participating artists. The discussion included both the director, Felipe Rios Fuentes as well as the curator, Carolina Martinez. The entire web documentary in eight parts can be viewed, in both Spanish and with English subtitles at: and has a total runtime for all eight chapters of approximately 74 minutes.


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