Chile to Be the “Country in Focus” at the Berlinale European Film Market 2020

The film industry and its role in promoting cultural diplomacy

May 22nd, 2019
K. Wiesner, News from Berlin
20190522_Chile to Be.jpg

The Embassy of Chile in Berlin has publicly announced through its social media channels that Chile will be the “Country in Focus” of the 2020 European Film Market (EFM) as part of the 70th International Film Festival (Berlinale) in Berlin.

The “Country in Focus” program was initiated in 2017 to provide a special platform for participating countries to present their film industries and film productions. Chile has a long history of representing its movie culture at Berlinale. Several Chilean films have received notable awards, and contributed to the history and success of the International Film Festival in Berlin (Berlinale), among them the movies “Gloria” and “Una Mujer Fantástica”.

After Mexico, Norway, and Canada, Chile is the first South American country to be the “Country in Focus” of the European Film Market (EFM). The EFM 2020 will present and shed light on Chilean filmmakers and their work under different aspects. The program of the EFM will allow for several opportunities to network with Chilean producers, distributors, investors as well as with creative heads of the Chilean film industry. Visitors of the EFM will also be able to get to know and learn more about different Chilean productions.

With its “Country in Focus” program, the European Film Market (EFM) is a good example of how the film industry, through its promotion of intercultural cooperation and understanding, provides a significant contribution to the spread of cultural diplomacy in a variety of different sectors and fields. In that regard, Chile as the “Country in Focus” of the Berlinale European Film Market 2020 is also a celebration of the long-lasting excellent relations between Chile and the International Film Festival in Berlin (Berlinale).


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