Chile and Germany Sign Formal Agreement on Energy Partnership

Germany and Chile to intensify bilateral cooperation in the energy sector

April 23rd, 2019
K. Wiesner, News from Berlin
20190423_Chile and Germany Sign.jpg

On April 10, Peter Altmaier, the German Federal Minister of Economy, and Susana Jímenez, the Chilean Secretary of Energy, signed a formal agreement to intensify the collaboration between Chile and Germany in the energy sector.

The formal agreement that was signed by Altmaier and Jímenez in the context of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2019 is aimed at enabling a high-level political dialogue between both countries that is concerned with the most important topics in the energy sector. Specifically, the agreement envisions a closer cooperation between Chile and Germany in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reduction of carbon emissions.

According to the agreement, a mixed political committee with representatives from Chile and Germany will be formed, which will then meet on a yearly basis to agree on fundamental goals for the upcoming period of bilateral cooperation.

Germany and Chile have been cooperating in energy matters, especially in the fields of climate change and renewable energy, for two decades now. Overall, most of the bilateral cooperation projects between Chile and Germany were oriented in the energy sector. The recently-signed formal agreement on a new energy partnership between Chile and Germany is expected to further expand and intensify the excellent relations between both countries in the realm of energy.

The new agreement between Chile and Germany to intensify their cooperation in the energy sector is a good example of how cultural diplomacy operates at and affects different areas of multicultural and bilateral relations. It is interesting to see how, over time, close relations between states, also promoted through the spread of cultural diplomacy, can stimulate and ultimately lead to advancements and innovations in many different fields and sectors from which both states can profit in a sustainable fashion.


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