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Celebration of the Haitian Bicolor Flag at the Embassy of Haiti

May 13th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Haiti will celebrate the 211th anniversary of its flag on May 18th. All over the world Haitian Embassies and Consulates organize different events to take part in this celebration, and Berlin is no exception. This event is held to celebrate the adoption of the new flag by the revolutionary leader Jean-Jacques Dessalines in 1803, during the Haitian Revolution. Dessalines took the French flag, ripped off the white part (symbolizing the monarchy) and declared that the blue part was symbolizing the black people from Haiti, and the red part the “gens de couleur”.

This is a great example of Cultural Diplomacy and bringing people together through a strong cultural and national symbol. On May 17th, representatives from the Embassy of Haiti in Berlin, as well as the Chargé d’Affaires Patrick Saint-Hilaire, invite people to the Embassy for a reception (Uhlandstraße 14, 10623 Berlin). This celebration will be an occasion to gather around the theme of the Haitian revolution and its heroes.

The Minister in charge of Cultural Affairs, Dominique Dejan, will host the first talk, ‘History of National Bicolor and Traditions of Patriotic Hymns’, and then a PhD student from Lomonosov Moscow State University will host the second one, entitled ‘The Haitian Revolution and its Heroes’. First Secretary Joseph Henrilus Jinius is also to attend the ceremony, together with Patrick Saint-Hilaire. Registration for the event is open until May 14th. For more information please contact +49 (30) 885 541 34.

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