Celebrating the Moon Festival in Berlin

The Chinese Cultural Centre Berlin hosted the Moon Festival

October 02nd, 2019
Marta Faraoni, News from Berlin
20191002_Celebrating the Moon Festival.jpg

On 28th and 29th September 2019, the Chinese Cultural Centre hosted the Moon Festival in Berlin. The Moon Festival is an ancient festivity celebrated in China to honor the moon, as a symbol of prosperity, happiness and peace. According to tradition, this occasion was important to gather all the family and maintain harmony among its members. This event was organized in two different locations, the Chinese Cultural Centre Berlin and the Gardens of World Berlin.

The Chinese Cultural Centre decided to collaborate with the prestigious Yue Opera of Nanjining City for both days. The Yue Opera was established under the Qing Dinasty and is still present in Shangai and in some Chinese provinces such as Zhejiang and Jiangsu. This opera is well-known not only in China but all around the world, because of its ability to express deep and meaningful emotions. This ensemble won several awards and participated in cultural exchanges with the USA, Italy, France, Germany, Canada and Singapore, where an international audience had the possibility to fully enjoy the Chinese Opera.

For this celebration, the Yue Opera performed the “Dream of the Red Chamber”, one of the four great classical works of China. It focuses on the love story between two young people, Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu, and the difficulties faced when posed with the challenge of separation. One of the aims of the Moon Festival and the performance of this play was to promote Chinese opera and culture in Berlin and to create networks and enrich relations between different cultures.


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