Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Sister-City Arrangement between Berlin and Buenos Aires

The Governing Mayor of Berlin will travel to Buenos Aires and Montevideo

April 04th, 2019
K. Wiesner, News from Berlin
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Michael Müller, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, will depart to Argentina today to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the sister-city arrangement and cultural cooperation between Berlin and Buenos Aires.

According to a press release from the Berlin Senatskanzlei, Müller will visit the cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo from April 4 to April 10, 2019. In Buenos Aires, Müller will attend different events to commemorate the close relationship and successful cooperation between Berlin and the Argentine metropolis.

Müller will visit the Instituto Judío de Investigaciones (IWO), which represents the close cooperation between the cities of Berlin and Buenos Aires in order to promote a culture of remembrance and the process of coming to terms with the past. In a joint project that is also supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Berlin Fraunhofer Institut offers technical aid to the IWO in reconstructing important documents of Jewish culture and heritage, which have been destroyed in a terrorist attack in Buenos Aires in 1994.

To celebrate and promote cultural collaboration between Berlin and Buenos Aires, Müller will also meet with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the Governing Mayor of Buenos Aires. Together, they will underline the importance of cultural cooperation between Berlin and Buenos Aires in a closing statement at the UCLG Culture Summit, which provides a platform for representatives from different cities, regions, and institutions to discuss the significance of cultural collaboration.


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