Celebrating Bloomsday 2023

The annual Bloomsday Garden reception at the Irish Ambassador's residence

June 24th, 2023
Webmaster, News from Berlin
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At the annual Bloomsday Garden reception at the Ambassador's residence on the 16th of June 2023, guests gathered to enjoy an evening program of Joycean entertainment.

Bloomsday is celebrated around the world on this date to recognise the life and work of James Joyce, as it is the day upon which the entire events of his epic novel, Ulysses, take place in the year 1904.

This year's Bloomsday program featured songs from Joyce's various works, beautifully performed by Mezzo Soprano Laura Murphy and Jeremy Bines of the Deutsche Oper, as well as readings and reflections on Joyce and his vast legacy, delivered by contemporary Irish author Rob Doyle. These reflections explored a vast range of themes including Joyce’s abiding relevance for modern audiences, the significance of his early emigration on his creative output, the historical context in which Ulysses was produced, and the increasingly malleable notion of home.

Significantly, in the year which marks Ireland's 50th anniversary as a member of the European Union, Doyle also highlighted the continued migration which shaped Joyce's life, and the blueprint that this set out for modern writers and artists. Memorably, he emphasised that long before the advent of open European borders, "Joyce lived as though the idea of a unified Europe was already an established fact."


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