Celebrate “El Dieciocho” at the ICD House

“El Dieciocho” on the 18th of September marks Chile’s celebration of independence from Spain, alongside the day the country had their first national board of government.

September 13th, 2022
Amanda Santi Aguilar, News from Berlin
20220913_Celebrate El Dieciocho.jpg

Fonda “La Pelusona”, held by the locals of ICD House on the 17th of September is a celebration of the date on which Chile had their first national board of government and achieved independence from Spain.

This day is all about appreciating Chilean culture by enjoying good music, value art through, among other things, performances and tasting the gastronomic variety that will be served during the event. And this is exactly what will be brought to Berlin this weekend.

On the time schedule, a variety of activities are planned. Different artists playing typical Chilean music, as well as groups performing a variation of Latin dances. After all the activities are finished, the celebration continues with a party in order to honour this special day for Chilean people. This event is made to bring people of Latin-American descent together alongside inviting outsiders in order to spread knowledge as well as happiness with everything the Chilean culture has to offer.


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