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Luís Filipe Tavares

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of National Defense


Luís Filipe Tavares was born on August 25th 1965 in Praia, Cape Verde and has been serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cape Verde, along with other positions, since 2016.

Tavares first studied local development at the International Training Center in Turin, Italy (OIT). After this he received a degree in geography as well as a degree in local politics from the University of Rouen in France, where he also wrote his dissertation. His First political position in Cape Verde was as the Director of the city planning office in Praia. Shortly after he became an advisor to the Prime Minister of Cape Verde. After this, he held various positions throughout the government including the following: General Director of the Decentralization of the Administration of Cape Verde, President of the Movement for Democracy political party (MpD). Tavares has coordinated several events and projects as a representative of Cape Verde with the United Nations Development Programs, the World Bank, the European Union, and further projects directly with the French and Spanish governments.

He has been Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cape Verde since 2016. He is also the Municipal Councilor of the city of Praia, the Secretary of National Defense of Cape Verde, and also works at a professor at Jean Piaget University of Cape Verde, where he was the general manager until he gave up his position in 2016 following his appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs.