Canada Day in Berlin

Bringing Canadian Culture to Germany

June 28th, 2019
Melanie Blair, News from Berlin
20190628_Canada Day in Berlin.jpg

On 24 June of this year, Mark McLaughlin (Counsellor Public Affairs at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin) & Thilo Lenz (Press attaché of the Embassy of Canada in Berlin) shared their insight on how the Canadian Embassy is promoting Canadian culture and keeps providing an authentic representation of that culture in Berlin.

According to McLaughlin, Canadians are typically stereotyped as being very polite people. Additionally, McLaughlin considers Canada fortunate to be perceived so positively.

However, the Canadian Embassy longs to show that Canada is not only filled with nice individuals but is also a country overflowing with a beautiful and rich culture all its own. Therefore, this Sunday, 30 June, Berlin will experience the great joys of Canada Day and everything that comes with it (including, but not limited to, White Horse and several Canadian bands)!


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