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Canada and Germany’s Active Cultural Exchange Programmes: Up-Coming Project Spaces and Initiatives

The Cultural Exchange between Canada and Berlin is Extremely Active and Intertwined.

January 18th, 2016
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This is why when taking a glance at the Cultural Relations Section of the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, it is possible to gather information in relation to the German art scene and projects in Berlin. One of these is the Network of Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives. This is a long lasting Network which will have it’s next meeting on the 21st January at the Loris Gallery, Potsdamer Str 65, 10785 Berlin (attendance is only by invitation).

The objectives of the Canadian Embassy’s Cultural Relations department is to promote and raise awareness of the German structures and projects in order to increase the number of Canadian artists in Germany. The scope is to encourage and support the development of the cooperation between the cultural institutions of both countries. The Berlin Network of Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives is an example of one of the schemes and plans that is being promoted.

This is an independent association that has existed since August 2009 with the aims of enabling new forms of exchange and collaboration amongst artists, trying to improve their working conditions. It is based on the fundamentals that their artistic activities and projects are not market-oriented; their work is interdisciplinary and transcends boundaries; and their work is characterized by smooth transitions amongst the alternation of art production and discourse.

For the years 2016 and 2017 their aim is to enable artistic and cultural projects that correspond to the self-image of Berlin as a cosmopolitan, creative and history-conscious metropolis. 

Further information is to be discussed during the meeting taking place at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin on the 21st January 2016. For more information please visit the website below.

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