Buwan Ng Wika - A Month Of Celebration

The Philippine embassy in Berlin celebrate Buwan Ng Wika in a special event

August 08th, 2019
Oana Călățean, News from Berlin
20190808_Buwan Ng Wika.jpg

As the month of August just began, Philippians all over the world celebrate Buwan Ng Wika. With this occasion, the Philippine Embassy in Germany is organizing a special event, Hallo, Halu-halo!, inviting the public to an open discussion about Pinoy food, its different influences and just a time of celebration.

Buwan Ng Wika, the national language month, is celebrated each year during August, as an encouragement to promote the traditional Filipino language and culture. With a colonial past and over 100 individual languages, this national celebration aim to promote the the beauty of diversity, while actively raise awareness of traditional features of Filipino culture.

The Philippine Embassy in Berlin is organizing on 22nd of August a two hours event, as a mean to bring together Filipino here in Berlin, to celebrate Buwan Ng Wika. As part of the event the participants will have the opportunity to have their own halu-halo session. Halu-Halo is a well known traditional pinoy desert, perfect for summer, having as base crushed ice. The event is intended to be the inaugural session from a series of meetings as part of the Gender and Development program that the embassy has developed. The aim of the series is to create a venue where Philippine women can come together to shared their experiences.


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