Business meeting at the South African Embassy in Berlin

Sharing investment prospects with the CEO of Thyssenkrupp

September 17th, 2019
Giorgia Calabrese, News from Berlin
20190917_Business meeting at the South African Embassy.jpg

On September 12th 2019, Mr Jacob Moatshe, the Economic Counsellor at the South African Embassy, met with the Thyssenkrupp’s CEO, Mr Thabo Molekoa, to discuss investment prospects in Sub Saharan Africa.

The meeting provided an opportunity to share insights on how to enhance a cooperation with the Thyssenkrupp Company in Sub Saharan Africa, from which the whole Region could benefit. As  previously stated at other occasions, the South African Embassy pointed out the necessity to foster events addressing Africa’s growth and its untapped resources, highlighting the importance of a close collaboration aimed to unlock South Africa’s economic potential.

The meeting reflected the ongoing commitment of the German Government and the South African Embassy to consolidate a political and economic relationship. Additionally, it created a space for the fruitful exchange of experiences and information, with the primary focus always being the valuing of the African continent.


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