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Burundi Delegation Wins Award at ITB

March 13th, 2014
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The 2014 edition of the ITB (the international tourism fair) in Berlin was a fantastic success for the Burundi delegation. The delegation, led by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Marie Rose Nizigiyimana, won the second prize in the category 'Best Exhibitor.'

Their stand was praised for its originality, for the warmth with which visitors were welcomed, and for the lively display of traditional Burundi culture, consisting of dances and tambour-music. Visitors were treated to traditional Burundi tea and coffee, as well as the famous local drink Akuki, a liquor made of bananas and honey. Leaflets and brochures gave more business-minded visitors an idea of the economic and touristic potential of the central African country. Visitors also had
the chance to look at or even buy several art pieces. Determined to win first prize next year, the Burundi delegation will do its utmost to resolve any organisational issues by working more closely with the Burundi embassy in Berlin in order to facilitate better co-ordination.

Apart from countries from all over the world, many different industries, such as the tourism sector, tour operators, and the hotel industry were also represented at the ITB; this makes it the place to be for anyone interested in foreign countries and cultures, whether for travel or business. Next year's event will take place from March 4 until March 8.

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