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Bulgarian-German Cultural Week Takes Off

Mutual cultural discovery leads the Berlin – Oborishte city partnership manifestation

August 10th, 2016
Daniel Erhardt, News from Berlin

Cultural events held this week took place within the framework of the Berlin-Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain – Sofia-Oborishte city neighborhood partnership. Events featured Bulgarian art, music, literature and cuisine; as well as outings and excursions aimed at discovering the Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain quarter.

Events will take place between August 9th and August 14th in several venues around the Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain district. The event will begin with a Bulgarian Film Screening at the OstPost bookshop on Tuesday. The featured is the 2016 drama “Zhaleika” by Eliza Petkova, a film depicting the confrontation between the Bulgarian traditional society and a teenage girl’s will to enjoy life.

The program will continue on Wednesday afternoon with a “Southwest – Networking” event open to a constructive cultural exchange and community building between NGOs and other initiatives focusing on South and Eastern Europe.

In the evening, the art exhibition “Bulgaria in my heart” will be opened at the “Art.endart” gallery, showcasing works by the artists Silviya Zdravkova, Boriana Pertchinska and Tatiana Prokofieva, reflecting their love for the culture and home country.

Thursday will begin with a guided excursion to discover the so-called “Regenbogenfabrik” (“Rainbow Factory”) premises, a 30-year old neighborhood initiative. It follows the principle of “solidary economy” to support projects within the creative handwork and socio-economic fields. This is a perfect example of a cultural exchange between creative minds within a local social environment, an important building brick for such wider cooperation.

The evening will continue with a reading-aloud session by Bulgarian author Veso Portarsky of his witty, humorous short stories about the usual madness characterizing daily life. He will be accompanied by the music of fusion-jazz saxophonist Vladimir Karparov at the “Art.endart“ gallery.

On Friday, the weekend will begin with a Bulgarian cooking event hosted at the “Kakadu“ community kitchen by chef Maria from Bulgarian restaurant “Primaria” in Friedrichshain. There, guests will discover the traditional tastes of the typical Balkan-based and oriental infused Bulgarian dishes, such as shopska salad, tarator cold soup or “shkembe chorba“ stew.

The gastronomic fusion will be followed by a rhythm one at the “Sofia/Berlin Balkanparty“ at the Hangar 49“ club, featuring alternative Easter European Rock and Balkan Beats music on behalf of groups “Galongka“ from Germany, “Could Be Easier“ from Ukraine, “Lasma“ from Belarus and DJ Jovan from Bulgaria to dance the night through.

The week will end on Sunday with yet another tour of the neighborhood. It will feature a visit to the “FHXB Museum” (“Friedrichshain – Kreuzberg Museum”), where visitors can learn about the unique character of this multicultural neighbourhood, home to more than 180 nationalities. Also, the most diverse event venue “SO36”, as well as a typical backyard-mosque will be visited.

In the afternoon, an Eastern European Picnic will take place at the Forum Factory, offering also a cultural program with an Open Stag, for the discovery of new Eastern European artists prepared to show their cultural skills in a colourful and friendly circle to which everyone is invited!


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