Building Bridges with Berlin-Based Exhibitions

The Embassy of Canada continues its partnership with major Berlin festivals

November 20th, 2017
William Urbanski, News from Berlin

In 2018 Berlin will host both the Transmediale Media Arts Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival. The Embassy of Canada will be among the official venues for both events

Berlin is home to a number of major festivals which not only attract hundreds of thousands of visitors but also act as drivers of the city's cultural scene.  In 2018, continuing with its efforts to promote the presence and visibility of outstanding art and culture from Canada, the Embassy of Canada will continue its collaborations with both the Transmediale Media Arts Festival as well as the Berliniale International Film Festival.

Transmediale is not only a once-a-year festival but also a year-long project that connects art, culture and technology.  Since its inception 30 years ago, Transmediale aims to boost understanding of contemporary culture in the context of technology.  The Berlin International Film Festival attracts close to half a million visitors including close to twenty thousand accredited guests from over 120 countries.  Clearly both of these festivals are institutions that serve to broaden international understanding.

In the past years, the Embassy of Canada has been host to events in collaboration with both festivals.  Events at the Embassy's Marshall McLuhan Salon have included speeches and films from prominent Canadians involved in film and cultural activities.  These kinds of activities are a clear example of Cultural Diplomacy, that is to say, a cultural exchange that fosters mutual understanding and cooperation.  The Embassy's participation in and continued support of these festivals is a clear sign that Canada is committed to the ongoing development of Cultural Diplomacy initiatives as part of its foreign policy.

The exact schedules of the festivals have yet to be released, but will both include events at a number of venues around the city, including of course, the Embassy of Canada. The Transmediale Media Arts Festival will take place from January 31 to February 4 and the Internationale Feilmfestspiele Berlin will be held from February 15 to 25.

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