British Embassy and Consulates host meetings for British citizens in Germany Post-Brexit

The Embassy has hosted many similar events in the past years in different cities throughout Germany and upcoming events include meetings in Cologne and Berlin

February 07th, 2019
Eleanor Banks, News from Berlin
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If you are or are planning on moving to and working in Germany, then these outreach meetings could help you to understand the issues involved and how to overcome them after Britain leaves the European Union.

With Brexit at the forefront of everyone’s minds in Britain and the rest of Europe, now it may seem like a difficult time to live abroad as a British citizen. The British Embassy and Consulates are therefore making a continuous effort to stay connected to as many British citizens in Germany as they can. Hence they are organizing British Citizens Outreach Meetings in order to provide support to the British nationals in Germany.

Upcoming events across Germany include a meeting in Cologne on 13 February and Berlin on 4 March. However, there is also information about other events and issues on the British Embassy Berlin Facebook page, where you can find out about problems, such as having a UK driving license in Germany and travel in Europe with a British passport post-Brexit.

Since there is a strong British community living in Germany and this diaspora is such a strong aspect of the UK-Germany relationship, these meetings are an important way for the Embassy to ensure the safeguarding of British nationals in the EU. If you have any concerns and want to ask any questions about your rights as a British citizen in post-Brexit Germany, these meetings re the perfect opportunity to do this.

The meetings are free and open to all British nationals, but you must register in advance.


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