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Bringing Together the Community through Song and Dance

Cultural Diplomacy Concert in Russia Haus Berlin

May 14th, 2018
Sarah Barsky, News from Berlin

On May 20th, 2018, the Russia Haus Berlin will be holding a concert featuring prominent Russian and Belarusian performers. The concert titled, “Konzert: Goldene Stimmen der ersten Besetzung des Ensembles PESNYARY,” will feature the band Pesnyary. The event is to be hosted and promoted by the institute.

The performers of Pesnyary, will be coming to Berlin to perform for their 49th anniversary. Gaining traction in the 1970s and 80s, the ensemble founded in Belarus in 1969. They quickly became world-famous and received numerous important international awards.

Pesnyary’s style of music combines various genres to create a unique and fun sound. They draw inspiration from various sources including Belarusian folklore and psychedelic rock. With such well respected artists, this event is surely a great way to give Berlin an insight to Belarusian culture as it has evolved into modern times. It will do this as it takes aspects of the old and new concepts and blends them into something exceptional.

The band members, Leonid Bortkevich's, Anatolij Kasheparov, and Vadim Kosenko will delight their audiences with songs such as "Beloveshskaya Pusha", "Vologd" (Vologd a), "Molodost", "Belorussia" (Molodost moya Belorussia) and many other unforgotten hits. Such classics will most certainly have the audiences at the edge of their seats in excitement and entertainment.

This event will not be one to miss as it promises to be both fun and educational for Berlin audiences.


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