Brazilian Theater Books Presented Today at the Embassy

Famous actors and actresses will interpret the main theater works of Brazilian tradition

June 18th, 2019
Rodolfo Fabbri, News from Berlin
20190618_Brazilian Theater.jpg

The Brazilian embassy in Berlin (Wallstrasse 57, 18/06, h19) is glad to host the presentation of the new book "Obras Brasileiras de Teatro". The presentation will be in German, whereas the texts will be read in their original language, Portuguese.

The book will be presented by Professor Henry Thorau of the University of Trier, one of the most distinguished German experts of Brazilian literature. The actors and actresses that will interpret the works are all professional and come from different countries.
The works all deal with and address everyday life in Brazil. The authors come from different parts of this immense country, so the experiences included in the works are distinct as well, making the presentation even more interesting.

The works that will be read are “Agreste” by Newton Moreno, “O Céu Cinco Minutos Antes da Tempestade” by Silvia Gomez, “Trabalhos de Amores Quase Perdidos” by Pedro Brício, “O Fim de Todos os Milagres” by Paulo Santoro and “Andaime (com vista para dentro)” by Sérgio Roveri.

The participation is free, but it is necessary to register at and bring a document of identity.


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