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Brazilian Music with Genres from all over the World

October 21st, 2014
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News from Berlin - Brazilian presence in the world goes beyond Bossa Nova and Samba. Berliners will have the chance to test this on October the 24th. The accordionist Cathrin Pfeifer celebrates the 20th anniversary of her band and Berlin has the chance to host this fantastic event. At the multifunctional cultural venue, “Wabe”, in Danziger Straße, several guests will play with the band in commemoration of its creation at 8pm.

According to the Website of Wabe, the sound of Cathrin Pfeifer and the band is a cross between Mediterranean, Latin and Afro sounds and world music, jazz, flamenco and tango. The accordionist Cathrin Pfeifer offers colorful and varied music. On her webpage it is said this style has been constructed by “cooperating with musicians from different societies”. Furthermore, her experiences with folk, rock, avant-garde, improvisation, modern classical and theatre music have also enriched her perspective. She is often referred to as a cosmopolitan artist whose compositions of traditional and modern grooves lead to a very unique fusion. The media outlet Saarbücker Zeitung described her performance as “astonishing versatility, alternating between cheerfulness and contemplation, nonchalance and pride, dance and poetry…”

On this occasion, she will play with Topo Gioia (percussion); Enrico Antico (guitar); Andreas Hence (bass); Susanne Paul (cello); Harald Kündgen (marimba); Paula Sell (accordion); Esther Buser (accordion); Marc Miethe (didjeridu) and AJA (Jabuti and Abrao). This mixture of rhythms and sounds such as forró, chamemé, candombe, tango or chorinho, as well, as musette and flamenco will be played.

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