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Brazilian Embassy Promotes Cultural Events in Berlin

The Brazilian language and music as vehicles of Diplomacy

May 08th, 2018
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The Brazilian Embassy in Berlin promotes their culture by disseminating Brazilian music and language through a varierty of channels.

Diffusing Brazilian culture abroad is one of the many tasks of the cultural sectors of Embassies and Consulates. The Itamaraty Cultural Department is the organ responsible for promoting Brazilian culture around the world. Promoting the use of the Portuguese language spoken in Brazil as well as the Brazilian cinema and music are relevant actions to achieve this goal.

The Brazilian Embassy in Berlin promotes regular events in the city to spread Brazilian culture in Germany. For those interested in learning Portuguese, there are regular classes for beginners. Also, they have courses for intermediate and advanced students. The promotion of the use of Portuguese around the world is a great example of cultural diplomacy.

Another important area that is widely diffused by the Embassy is music. Brazil has a lot of different sorts of rhythms in its culture such as samba, forró, maracatu and many others. The Brazilian Embassy in Berlin promotes Brazilian music by indicating regular classes where people can learn the different kinds of rhythms. These events and courses try to reach a broader audience as they want to attract children and adults.

A great example is the project “Batucando” which is a course dedicated to Portuguese speaking children that want to broaden their knowledge of Portuguese music by singing, playing music games and socializing with other kids. Also, the Forum Brazil offers regular classes of capoeira for children and adults, which is another form of spreading Brazilian culture.

Regarding the music events, every Monday there are classes of forró in Berlin. The classes are for all levels, from beginners to advanced learners. There are other events about music that happens in Berlin; the Embassy organizes different events every month promoting the different kinds of Brazilian music.

Cultural diplomacy is a crucial instrument for bringing together peoples and to the establishment of cultural and linguistic bonds. Brazil has such a vibrant culture and it the work of the Embassies the responsibility to for disseminating Brazilian culture abroad.

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