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Brazilian Art in Motion

March 12th, 2014
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News from Berlin. The final week of the ‘Brasil Arte em Movimento’ exhibition is underway at the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin. The event, which showcases contemporary Brazilian art, has run since February 28 and lasts until March 21 and can be seen in light of the 2013 celebration of the ‘Deutschlandjahr’ in Brazil. The idea of the 2013 celebration is to deepen cultural links between the two countries. The ideas of the initiative have carried on through to 2014, which is signified by the aforementioned exhibition. The general aim of the display is to show pieces of Brazilian artists who represent different creative spheres and influences that ultimately signify contemporary Brazilian life. The director of the gallery and curator of the exhibition, Edson Cardoso, claims that the exposition is characterised by a stylistic and aesthetic diversity which, in turn, can be seen as a reflection of Brazilian society and culture. ‘Brasil Arte em Movimento’ has visited a host of large cities and aims to give interested parties an insight into contemporary Brazilian art. It holds the work of 24 artists and can be viewed in the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin from Monday to Friday from 10am until 6pm. The exhibition began in the Casa da Guia in Cascais in Portugal in March 2013 and has since visit various other metropolises, whilst attracting generally favourable reviews.

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