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Brazil Puts the Chords, Germany the Voice

August 07th, 2014

News from Berlin - Although Ezequiel Piaz (Brazil) and Friederike Brück (Germany) are from different countries, on Monday 11th they will converse through the common language of jazz. The Brazilian guitarist Piaz and the German singer Brück will combine their instruments in the Kunstfabrik Schlot at 21.30. The repertoire of the jazz ensemble will recall the famous Latin-American songs, but also some original compositions from the latest solo CD of the Brazilian musician.

“Ezequiel Piaz was born with the music in his skin”, says the Leny Andrade, one of the most well-known Brazilian singers, on the American web page musics.com. With those words the musician wanted to refer to the ability of Piaz to amaze listeners with his music. Moreover, Piaz is considered one of the great guitarists of Brazil with his seven-string guitar, which is used to mingle the Brazilian songs with the sonorities of other parts of the world.  In the European music field he has played with Boris Gaquere (Belgium), Carles Pons (Spain) and Thomas Clausen (Denmark), among others. The German music industry and the magazine “Guitarren Virtuose” consider him the authentic ambassador of the Brazilian music. Since he was a child he learnt from his father how to play mandolin, piano, violin, bass and accordion.  

The other half of the concert is Friederike Brück, who attended to the University of Arts Berlin and the Hooge School Hilversum (Holland). She deals with different musical styles and her voice is ready for any kind of improvisation, from gospel to soul. As a singer, she stands with various formations on the stage and also plays percussion and piano.

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