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“Boutique” is Coming to Berlin During Berlin Fashion Week

Nordic Embassies in Berlin Promote Finish Fashion Designers and Artists who Display Their Work in Exhibition where Art Meets Fashion

January 18th, 2016
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The popular exhibition Boutique has been on display in cities such as New York, Washington, Tokyo and Helsinki. It was originally a part of the program for the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 at the Amos Anderson Art Museum. Now, the time has come for Boutique to arrive in Berlin, both as a part of the popular Berlin Fashion Week and as a free-standing exhibition at the Nordic Embassies. Boutique is curated by Annamari Vänskä and contains the work of sixteen Finish fashion designers and artists.

The concept behind Boutique stands out through its way of mixing art and fashion in an innovative cross-over exhibition. One of its aims is to give people a unique experience by enabling them to think about art and fashion in a new way. Fashion has recently been entering galleries and museums all over the world and has within a short amount of time gained a strong position on the global art scene. Boutique encourages reflection and discussion about the connections between art and fashion, as well as addressing global social issues concerning consumption, mass production and beauty ideals.

As part of the exhibition, a panel discussion will be held to discuss how, where and why fashion in contemporary culture is curated. With the aim of creating a dialogue about the functions and practices of contemporary fashion culture, the panels are inviting people to find out more about fashion curation and it’s practices and challenges through critical discussion. 

The exhibition, as well as the panel discussion, will be held at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin located at the Felleshus on Rauchstraße 1. Boutique opens on January 22nd and the panel discussions will be held from 11.00 until 16.00 on the same day. The exhibition will then run until March 28th 2016.

The following designers and artists will be displaying their work at the exhibition:

  • Minna Parikka & Jani Leinonen
  • Salla Salin & Timo Rissanen
  • Tero Puha & Teemu Muurimäki
  • Katja Tukiainen & Samu-Jussi Koski
  • Paola Suhonen & Mikko ljäs
  • Heidi Lunabba & Tärähtäneet ämmät
  • Juliana Harkki & Rauha Mäkilä
  • Timo Wright 
  • Mimosa Pale

For more information please visit the website of the Nordic Embassies listed below.

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