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Bosch engages in Theatrical and Artistic Projects with Eastern Europe and North Africa

Theatre projects endowed up to 15,000€

June 14th, 2016

With its program “Szenenwechsel-Change of scene”, the Robert Bosch Foundation will support nine cross-national artistic performances with a fellowship of up to 15,000 Euros in the next two years. The International Institute of Theatre in Germany (ITI) has implemented the program together with the Robert Bosch Foundation; the program was established in 2012.

The idea to unite performers from German speaking countries with East European and North African artists is an attempt to strengthen the role of culture in crisis-shaken countries, as well as the intercultural dialogue in Germany. The cross-cultural productions are engaging with fascistic and authoritarian developments, consequences of global migration, and the suppression of national minorities.

Nine out of 100 project applications have been selected from German speaking countries and their partners in East Europe and North Africa. Among them are children and youth theatre, performance art, street theatre, dance and circus performances. Game and audio formats are also represented.

The entered artistic projects that the jury selected for 2016 are funded by €15 000. A project consists of a German speaking group cooperating with artists from one of the following countries: Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo, Albania, Algeria or Egypt.

In the last four years the Robert Bosch Foundation has supported 29 projects within the areas of acting, dance and musical theatre and performance totaling €480 000.

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