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Book Presentation: The Major Who Outwitted The War

March 12th, 2014

The Major Who Outwitted The War

‘Die Welt’ Journalist Mr. Dylan-Daniel Böhmer

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News from Berlin. On March 11th 2014 Senior ‘Die Welt’ Journalist Mr. Dylan-Daniel Böhmer presented “The Major who Outwitted the War” at the Embassy of Pakistan in Berlin. In “The Major who Outwitted the War”, Mr. Dylan-Daniel Böhmer shared his views and experiences from the Chitral Valley and how the war in the neighboring country, Afghanistan, has affected the region and its inhabitants.

The H.E Abdul Basit: “Mr. Böhmer has great experience with Pakistan. One thing I really admire is the title of the book because it affirms a new concept. The war can be read.”

The lecture has been organized as part of the Pakistan Embassy Lecture Series. The age-old culture which has survived and maintained relative peace, in the middle of an armed conflicts, represents the capability and the commitment of the people of Pakistan in maintaining an atmosphere of tolerance within the country: “Pakistan demonstrates that basic human rights and participation in society are not exclusive characteristics of Western Countries. Given the colonialist past, it is difficult to bring in developing countries’ measures toward democracy, which would not be seen as a threat. I was skeptical.”  

Moreover, the perspective of the author was shaped by an analysis of Western superiority in regard to technological development and economic measures which have been used to support other countries, as opposed to a method to underline differences, or exploit resources and impose the Western social thought. 

A recent survey reveals that democracy in Pakistan is in last place for the youth preference for governmental system. In the first and the second places we find the Shariah (38%) and the Military Rule (32%). “This difference is not in values, but on the grade of trust that people put on those values,” affirmed Mr. Böhmer.

Through the coexistence of many cultures it is possible to enhance equality, freedom, development and education, which develop a sphere of common values for the Pakistani identity: “Education has to be developed in order to build a democratic society. A lot of things have to be done. We can do it even better,” concluded the H.E A. Basit.

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