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Bonnie Tyler Raises the Roof of Berlin’s Tempodrom

Berliner audience sing and dance with Welsh singer during her performance in Berlin’s Tempodrom

November 11th, 2016
Chiara Ceccato and Roberta Capelluti, News from Berlin

On 31st October 2016, Bonnie Tyler performed in the visionary arena of Tempodrom in Berlin. The concert is just the second step of her Greatest Hits Tour, which involves the whole of Germany with eleven nights dedicated to the Welsh singer’s 80s rock music. With an almost full arena and a very engaged audience, the concert was a great success.

The concert started at eight in the evening, opened by the 22-year-old singer Van de Forst, who has already been named for the next Country Award. Accompanied by Micheal Voss for a warm acoustic duo, the singer creates the atmosphere for the upcoming artist with her new country pop songs and her clear voice.

Bonnie Tyler did not make the audience wait for too long and, after an applause of excitement, she appears. The audience’s welcome is enthusiastic and suddenly flashes of thunder and lightning appear to open the first song, ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain’, a cover of the original piece written by John Fogerty and the opening track of her album ‘Faster Than the Speed of Night’.

Bonnie Tyler is flattered when she thanks the fans for their loyalty. She explains she started singing back in 1969, when the musical trend was focussed on disco. She just wanted to sing, and she did not expect to receive a recording contract. When she had the opportunity to go to London for a demo, she took it, and the result was her hit ‘Lost in France’.

During the concert, rock songs alternate with softer ones, but they have in common the powerful voice of Bonnie Tyler, which does not disappoint after all the live shows she has performed during her career. The singer is also supported by a band: Ed Poole on the bass, John Young on the keyboards, Alex Toff as drummer, and Matt Prior, who amazes the audience with a guitar solo played behind his neck.

‘Bitterblue’ celebrates her origins with its folkloristic sound, and someone in the audience waves a Welsh flag.

The concert is coming to an end and the people stand up and get closer to the stage, involved more and more in Bonnie Tyler’s original version of ‘The Best’. The next song is also the last one, which closes the show with success: the audience joins the singer in ‘Holding Out for a Hero’, one of her most famous pieces.

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