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Bollywood & Samosa at the Indian Embassy

On August 19th the Indian Embassy in Berlin Will Screen the Movie “Swades”.

August 12th, 2015
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On August 19th the Indian Embassy in Berlin invite all Berliners for “Bollywood and Samosas” event. ‘Bollywood and Samosas’ are regular events at Indian Embassy presenting the best of what India can offer: Bollywood films and food. Events are free of charge, moreover every guest can try a traditional Indian snack, samosas. Colorful and dynamic Bollywood films are the most important export product of India and the biggest platform of cultural exchange, which Indian Embassy use every week to successfully promote Far-Eastern culture.

The film “Swades”, directed by, Ashutosh is a story about Mohan, a Non-Residential-Indian, who works for NASA. One day he decides to go back from America to his hometown in India, where he meets his childhood friend and old nanny. He is then faced with the problems of living in rural India like poverty, child marriage or caste discrimination. To gain inhabitant’s respect and draw his beloved’s attention, he revamps the local electrical system. During his journey he discovers a new person within himself and has to decide on which place to call “home”.

Shah Rukh Khan plays the lead role, he is one of the most famous Bollywood actors in the world and has appeared in more than 80 films winning 12 Filmfare awards (equivalent of American Oscars). He is also well known due his engagement with charities. In 2011 UNESCO honored him with the Pyramide con Marni award for supporting children's education. The screening will take place on 19th of August at 6 p.m. in The Embassy of India. The film is in Hindi with German subtitles.

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