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Bollywood Cinema at the Indian Embassy in Berlin

Promoting Indian Culture in Berlin

February 18th, 2015
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This evening, the Indian Embassy in Berlin will host a Bollywood night, supported by Rapid Eye Movies. The movie ‘Aaja Nachle’ will be screened at the Embassy at 6pm with German subtitles. Bollywood cinema is a great way of promoting Indian culture and understanding abroad, and the unique mix of disciplines makes the films wildly different than Hollywood or art-house films. 

The movie tells the story of a choreographer in New York who travels back to India when she hears that her old dance guru is dying. When she arrives in India, he has already died, but he has left her responsible for saving a dance studio that will be demolished to make way for a new shopping mall. She has one chance to make an impact, by training local people and organizing a successful dance performance to be held in one month.

The lead role is played by actress Madhuri Dixit. Since the 1980s, she has been one of the most iconic actresses in India. She was awarded with one of the highest Indian civilian awards in 2008 and has won six Indian film prizes. She plays an enormous diplomatic role in promoting Indian culture abroad.

Bollywood Cinema started developing in 1910. Throughout the 1930s it became the prime cinematic genre in India. Bollywood presents a distinct Indian identity. Bollywood is known for its combination of lavish colour, the use of traditional costumes and songs. There is also an emphasis on traditional Indian dance. Important scenes are often expressed through dance routines and singing. Bollywood is able to open up new perspectives and reach new audiences to have a cultural impact.

The screening of a Bollywood movie is a classic way of promoting India in other countries. Many people in the world enjoy the eccentric style of Bollywood, in which huge crowds sometimes burst into song and dance and where there is a colorful display of rich Indian culture.

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