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Bollywood and Samosas in Berlin!

The Embassy of India is hosting a Bollywood Film Night in Berlin

March 13th, 2015
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The Indian Embassy in collaboration with the Tagore Centre auditorium are hosting a Bollywood movie night here in Berlin. Prime Minister of India Narasimha Rao founded Tagore Centre in 1994, with facilities to support musical, theatrical and dance events. ‘Bollywood and Samosas’ will be open to the public, free of charge at the Embassy of India’s auditorium on Wednesday, March 18th at 18:00. During the projection, traditional Indian snacks, Samosas, will be distributed for the audience. Eating spicy samosas whilst watching a Bollywood film with family and friends is a typical ritual in Indian culture, and the Embassy are retaining this aspect by making it a part of the night. 


The Embassy regularly runs events at the Tagore Centre, with this particular program in action for a few years now. According to Manjistha Mukherjee Bhatt, the director of the Tagore Centre at the Indian Embassy, these kinds of events acts as an “important link for the Indo-German cultural ties through the vibrant portrayal of our rich and diverse culture in our Bollywood films that cover a wide range of cultural and traditional aspects such as dance, music, religious practices, celebration of various festivals and weddings.”

Their nights have always been a great success and the embassy is happy to continue this trend in screening Bollywood films every month for the public here in Berlin. What a brilliant way to learn and immerse yourself in rich Indian heritage and cultural diversity through this event!

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