Black International Cinema Berlin

Film Festival marks 34 years cultural diplomacy in Berlin

March 18th, 2019
Ekaterine Kolesnikova, News from Berlin
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The 9th May will be an opening day for 34th Black International Cinema Berlin, an annual interdisciplinary, intercultural and artistic festival lasting until the 12th of May. The Festival also represents an intellectual space for an exchange and the debates. The Festival wants to include more diversity within the program and for this reason, various elements are included, such as film presentations, seminars, discussions, artistic performances, and the exhibition.

Films from all over the world are presented at the 34th Black International Cinema Berlin.  The films from countries as diverse as Spain, Thailand, Iran, Iraq, United Kingdom, Cuba, Kenya, and others are presented in the framework of the festival.

The Black International Cinema Berlin is remarkable by its originality and diverse program, enabling the individuals to freely express themselves through their own stories and life experiences. The activity focuses on individuals’ and their life stories. The festival wants to help participants to share their point of view and thus aims at helping to make unseen realities visible and unheard voices audible.

The Black International Cinema Berlin is produced and directed by Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre, THE COLLEGIUM - Forum & Television Program Berlin in association with Cultural Zephyr e.V., supported also by the African diaspora and film productions from various African screens.

The origins of the Black International Cinema Berlin trace back to the historical Black Cultural Festival produced and directed by the Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre in 1986 for the first time in Europe, during a 3-week event in Berlin. The festival was an homage to all the Black people who contributed to the world cultural heritage through cinematographic art, theater, dance, music, but especially an admiration for the legendary tap dancer, Carnell Lyons.

The Black International Cinema Berlin strongly supports the projects related to intercultural communication, artistic and social works with the aim of bringing various societies together for a further discussion. It may also evoke topics of cultural or political nature to deepen people’s interest in the African culture and African diaspora worldwide.

Additionally, the festival welcomes all the filmmakers who are eager to participate and screen their work at the festival. It believes in the power of the message spread through the artistic expression in order to become more aware of the existing prejudices and try to work on their eradication on the global level.


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