Berlin’s Most Multicultural Festival Returns in June 2019

Visitors from all over the world are welcome at the Carnival of Cultures

February 05th, 2019
Eleanor Banks, News from Berlin
20190205_Berlins Most Multicultural Festival Returns in June 2019.jpg

You will never see Berlin in a more colorful and cheerful setting, with over 4000 participants gathering together to celebrate the rich culture that this planet has to offer.

The festival first took place in 1996 and was originally a political protest against racism and xenophobia, inspired by other carnivals in Europe such as Notting Hill Carnival in London and the Zomercarnaval in Rotterdam. It has since then transformed into a huge cosmopolitan event, where the numbers of visitors have grown from a few thousand to one million.

You can expect over 4000 actors and artists in a street parade representing cultures and countries from every corner of the earth. The beautiful costumes are also a standout in this festival, creating the bright and vibrant image of the carnival. There are instruments, DJs, solo artists and bands which open up the city to the diversity of music from all around the world. Food lovers can also enjoy the food trucks and stands exploring the culinary specialties of different cultures, from the famous crêpes of France to the noodle dishes of Asia.

There is something for everyone at this colorful carnival. If you are interested in learning about different cultures and people there will be over 350 stands around Blücherplatz, with information on local initiatives, as well as an area of the carnival where you can join in with the fun, dancing to traditional African music. With the environment becoming a more and more hot topic nowadays, there is a Green Area where you can learn more about how to be environmentally-friendly and sustainable, with representation from certain environmental associations.

There is no need to buy tickets in advance, and entrance is free for all visitors.


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