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Berlin’s Chinese Culture Centre to Show Film ‘The Monkey King’ as Part of Cultural Exchange Programme

July 01st, 2016
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The Chinese culture Center in Berlin is actively working to promote cultural exchange between China and Germany. Through the medium of Chinese cinema, it is hoped that the German audience come to understand more of Chinese culture and Chinese values. The movie ‘The Monkey King: rebellion in heaven’ will show July 6th at 19:00.

This film was produced in 2012 by the director of Su Da and Chen Zhihong. The film is 85 minutes in total and will be screened in Chinese with English subtitles. The plot follows the fictional story of a rebellion in heaven by the Monkey King.

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King wishes to train his monkeys in weapons craft on Huaguoshan mountain, however they lack the necessary weapons. Therefore, Sun Wukong travels to the Dragon Palace of the Eastern Sea, looking for the coveted treasure. The arrogant dragon king promises the Monkey King as many weapons as he can carry. Unexpectedly, the seemingly weak Monkey King finds himself able to carry away a golden magic stick, weighing around 36000 pounds.

The angry dragon king rushes to the palace in heaven to complain about the loss of the magic stick. In response, the Emperor in heaven sends the heaven troops to catch the Monkey King, yet the Monkey King cannot be defeated. Sun Wukong throws the heaven palace into chaos, by forcing the Heaven Emperor and the immortals to flee.


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Jiali Zhou, Sopiko Reizba, Berlin Global