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Berliner Volksfestsommer 2018

German-French Folk Festival to Attract Visitors from June 22nd to July 22nd

June 12th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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For one month, the fairgrounds at Kurt-Schumacher-Damm will be transformed into a summer festival complete with live music, food, rides, and more.

This year’s folk festival will be the 56th one held, and although the name has evolved into “Berliner Volksfestsommer,” this year’s festival is expected to attract a record crowd. It will feature 70 rides, inclusive for both a young and old crowd. This year’s featured rides include the “Rock & Roller Coaster”, a ghost train, and a water ride called “Poseidon”. Children can enjoy fun attractions as well as there will be a large selection of both games and children’s rides like a carousel and small roller coasters.

Both German and French food will be available for purchase including specialties like tarte flambée, Thuringian rostbratwurst and garlic baguette. In addition, every Saturday crowds can expect to see large firework displays at night. This is a great fair for children, families, friends, and couples alike.

Although entrance to the fair is free, the rides, games, and food are individually priced. Additional information about the Volkssommerfest can be found on their website at the following address:

Address: Kurt Shumacher Dam 207 13405 Berlin

Monday: 15-22
Tuesday: 15-22
Wednesday: 15-23
Thursday: 15-22
Friday: 15-24
Saturday: 14-24
Sunday: 13-22

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