Berlin Presents an Exhibition of German Serbian Folklore

For the first time in 20 years Berlin hosted the 27th German Serbian Folklore Show, an opportunity for the integration of the Serbs in Germany

March 25th, 2023
Biagio Drago, News from Berlin
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Serbia and Germany are culturally speaking two very linked countries and, on an annual basis, come together to celebrate these links in the event called “German Serbian Folklore Show” on 25th March 2023.

In Germany there is a conspicuous Serbian community and in general, throughout the centuries, the cultures of the two countries have influenced each other. In this sense, the “German Serbian Folklore Show” is an event organized by the Serbian Eembassy in Berlin in order to celebrate the mutual trust and friendly relationship between the two states.

300 participants performed in the event, coming from 13 different cultural and artistic societies that currently live on German territory. The performances have been varied, ranging from dancing to singing, always following Serbian folklore characterized by bright colours and elaborate costumes that help present the history of this Country and its people.

Saša Ivanović, the President of the “Association of Serbian Associations of Germany”, opened the event and afterwards, the Serbian ambassador in Berlin, Snežana Janković addressed the audience and underlined the importance of the event: a way to nurture Serbian tradition and culture and preserve Serbian identity.

The presenters thanked all the participants for their attendance and to promote the Serbian traditions beyond the borders of Serbia. In addition, the event served as an opportunity to highlight the large number of projects active in Germany that fostering Serbian culture in Germany.

Included amongst the guests, was also the first Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić and Director of the Administration Arno Gujon.


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